Meet Baby Yulianna!

I would like to introduce everyone to baby Yulianna! She was born just 6 days ago and is already a little heartbreaker. I had the pleasure of planning a virtual shower for her mother, Emaly, almost 2 months ago. I loved the idea of helping Emaly’s mother throw a virtual shower for her, because, Emaly’s mother was pregnant herself and unable to travel from New Jersey to Florida for a local shower. Yulianna’s Aunt Raquel was born exactly 4 weeks before Yulianna. Isn’t that exciting?!
During Emaly’s shower, she and her guests played our birthday prediction game, and we all know that Mommy knows best because Emaly was the only one that predicted Yulianna would arrive after her official due date… and she did!
Congratulations Emaly and I am so happy that I got to meet you and baby Yulianna through your virtual shower event.