About Me


Hi everyone!
My name is Francesca and I am addicted to all things “baby shower”! I have always enjoyed planning and organzing baby showers for my expectant family and friends for as long as I can remember. I love coming up with new games and activities to keep moms and guests interested and involved throughout a party. I try to make sure that there is never a dull moment!
My husband and I decided to pursue a life dream of ours and sell everything we own in early 2014 so that we could travel the world together. We are currently traveling through Canada and are loving every minute of it. The thing we miss the most from the US is our family and friends, but Facebook, Skype, & E-mail have allowed us to stay in touch with everyone that’s important to us.
Within 48 hours of leaving the US to begin out travel adventures, my best friend announced that she was expecting her first baby. As you can imagine, my mind immediately started racing and wondering how I was going to be able to have a baby shower for her while I was out of the country. That’s when I came up with the idea of a virtual baby shower! It was an excellent way for me to be involved, and since my friend had several family members and friends spread out across the US, it would prove to be an extremely easy option to get all of her loved ones together to celebrate her as a mother-to-be! I couldn’t believe how successful the virtual baby shower was. I had more participants and attendees than any local shower I ever had for women in the past.. and the mommy-to-be received tons of great gifts from her online registry!
I found that I still enjoyed every minute of the planning, the party itself, and the results of the party just as much (if not more) than parties I had hosted in the past. Therefore, Across The Miles Baby Showers was born!
My personal goal at AtM is to bring together the friends and family of mommies-to-be for a fun, unique, and enjoyable virtual baby shower experience they can remember forever!